Leedon Green-condominium of real times

Leedon Green-condominium of real times

Condominium these days are becoming more developed and enhanced day by day. The developers of the condos are trying to provide the best luxurious life to the people of their dreams. If you are also the one that dreams of living in the condo building and if you are looking for the best condo out there in Singapore, then here’s good news for you.

In Singapore, a brand new condo project is about to launch named Leedon Green. So, in the upcoming years, the project will get completed. However, if you want to know about what facilities they will be providing you in the flats and the vicinity of the condominium building, then stay focused on the forthcoming paragraphs.



The upcoming project of Leedon Green is located expediently in one of the poshest and upscale towns of Singapore in the 10th district. The vicinity of the site is filled with peaceful and prosperous vibes. Moreover if talk about the feasibility access to the MRT stations etc. then let me tell you that here also Green condo takes up a plus point. It is because the condo building is at a few minutes’ walks to the MRT station of Holland village and Farrer Road. Vehicle facilities are also easily accessible from the building.

Not only this but you can find other amenities near the Leedon green Singapore condo such as schools and universities, malls such as Coronation Shopping Plaza and supermarkets as well like Cold storage Holland Village.

Price Guide

Last year in October the enbloc sales were carried out. The main facts that compelled people to purchase a flat there was the nearby amenities that were available and the luxurious flats of the Leedon Green condo building. They are offering the people flats of one, two, three, four, and five-bedroom facilities. All of the rooms are made so entirely by the architects that it appears like they have liven-up the entire rooms with every corner having a finishing touch. It’s the reason that you should purchase one flat there as well for you and your family.

When it comes to the prices, then here is the VVIP price list for the bedroom units at Leedon Green.

  • One-bedroom unit- $1.2 mil
  • Two bedroom flat- $1.65 mil
  • Three bedroom flat- $2.19 mil
  • last but not least four-bedroom unit for $3.43 mil

Rest, you can see the location and the site map of the Leedon Green Condo building on their official website. What’s, even more, they are also providing you the e-brochures of the Leedon green Singapore on a special request?

Home to several Embassies

Because the particular condo building has excellent connectivity to a various set of amenities, a considerable number of embassies are nestled there in the 10th district. Some of the popular embassies situated there are High Commission of Brunei Darussalam, Department of Indonesian Embassy and the American Embassy. So, aren’t you excited for the brand new condo building, Leedon Green with green vicinity vibes? Well, you can pre-book one apartment for yourself.