Hoi Hup Launches Parc Komo at Changi

Hoi Hup Launches Parc Komo at Changi

Parc Komo is situated in the middle of the mesmerizing view of Changi. This is a freehold residential building that provides a par level of quality of life, the serene bond with nature and carrying out the community sense. These three are the most important aspects of having a pure retreat to attain. This real estate is constructed to provide a luxurious aspect to the people.


Parc Komo is quickly getting a hold towards providing modernized solutions in the real estate market which surrounds popular and important areas such as Changi Business Park, Changi North, and Changi South industrial estates and the Singapore expo, etc. it has par level standards regarding the infrastructure and the prime location. It is situated just near to the Singapore University of Technology and Design which provides massive exposure. The accessibility to the airport from Parc Komo makes it a well-planned venture. Further enhancements are going on in the Changi airport, after which we can expect a rise in price and value proposition of Parc Komo.


Rich Array of Amenities

Getting the hold of such amenities in your proximity makes this property beneficial. In addition to that, Rich infrastructure, satisfying per plot ratio rate, airport, business parks, and university makes this a great venture to invest. These are just the minimal advantages which are visible, you can experience it by further researching and getting ample information about Parc Komo. This area has been sold as per the bidding cycle. The accessibility and different amenities make the selling price to rise substantially. This project has massive possibilities of providing benefits as well as state of the art facilities which are the dream for people. Getting a hold of this property as soon as possible will make you satisfied.

The vision of the CEL behind Parc Komo and future ventures


The Chip Eng Seng Corporations got an upper hand by winning the bidding contract for the further development of the condos and retail shops. These are facilitated by luring new buyers. This developer is a trustworthy firm that is holding its ground from past years. They can provide residential and commercial properties. This company was formed in the year 2008 and situated in Singapore.


They have been in the popularity zone just after the bidding of the Changi Garden. There has been much speculation about the bidding of the developer. Some say that the priced bidding is the pre-planned bidding decision which makes the calculated advancement. The speculation of the company to grow substantially after the bidding will be increasing the business to grow.


Long history in Singapore

The company has a long history in this sector to provide luxury real estate development. They also have a massive plan in their arsenal regarding Parc Komo project for future buyers.


This corporation considers joint ventures. The main focus of this company to provide luxurious and economical viable real estate properties that also provide residential, industrial and commercial properties. They are looking forward to constructing the other ventures which are as popular and worthy as Parc Komo.