All you need to know about Capitaland One Pearl Bank

The condominium pearl bank showflat

Is condo seems to be some alien thing to you?  Well, if you don’t know what condos are then you are at the right place as here, we will tell you the entire essentials you need to know about the condos. Later on, we will discuss one of the best condos that are about to launch in Singapore. The features of the complex building are enough to give Goosebumps to anyone.


What are condos?

The condo is a shortened form used for the word condominium. Many among you will be familiar with the word. It is a type of living space in most of the Canadian provinces and the USA that often looks like an entire apartment, but all the flats in the building are there for independent selling purpose. Due to the fact, it is often regarded as real estate.  There are some fantastic condo flats in one pearl bank, singapore.

The building is divided into multiple entities which are owned separately by different owners. The condominium buildings are built more high-quality way than the apartment complexes.  At the condo buildings, the building boundaries are defined in the form of ownership.


Overview of one pearl bank

One pearl bank in Singapore will be considered to be the top name on the list of tallest residential development in Singapore that will tend to touch the skyscrapers. It is located right next to the Outram Park Mass Rapid Transit station in the third district. The place on which it is standing today was formerly referred to as the pearl bank apartments enbloc and now is redeveloped by the CapitaLand to take shape in lively vicinity blending like air.

It has become the landmark of the area due to its shape and uniqueness. One pearl bank is in the shape of a horseshoe and is consisting of two main towers that are also having the same shape as the predecessors. The building will be having a height of 178 meters that will give residence to 774 one pearl bank residential in its 39 storey building. The project is right now in the process of being prepared. Itis expected to be open for the people in 2023. Regardless of the duration time, the people are crazily making pre-bookings.


Types of Units available

The one pearl bank has a total of 774 units that I already mentioned above. There is a wide range of units in the condo building, such as there are one-bedroom units to four-bedroom units. After that, they have also come with the penthouse concept in their complex structure. Other options are for the studio flats.  If we talk about the most eminent units are the one and two-bedroom ones.

Some of the units of the towers were launched for the public viewing recently, and you will not be amazed to know that out of 200 units 160 already get sold. Twenty percent of the buyers were from China, Indonesia, and Malaysia; the rest 80% was accommodated by the local folks.

Talking about the one pearl bank prices for the units, and then they have quite a reasonable price range for the selling of the one pearl bank show flat. They are charging around $2400 for one square foot, and the units will be having a lease of 99 years.

The facilities that they are proving to the people are way more advanced where they have kept in mind to garnish every single corner of the units.


The one pearl bank has set a new example of modern living among the people in Singapore, giving them a pleasing living style. You can also pre-book one pearl bank showflat for yourself as well by visiting their official site.