Bugis area set to welcome a new condo called Midtown Gardens

Bugis area set to welcome a new condo called Midtown Gardens

If you want to get a hold of various luxuries with delicate finesse from the par level designers and other experts then you have to search hard. There are very few places that provide top-notch facilities with some of the best appliances. Though there are places that provide way more than the desired attributes. There are luxury apartments and housing development that provides most of the top amenities such as biometric doors, branded electrical appliances, nice dinner, etc. one always looks for those attributes which males their condo super equipped with all the amenities. People also prefer some of the lavish space as there is a prior need for getting indulged with family and friends in a sober environment.

A new residential facility in town


If you want to attain some of the top class amenities then Midtown Gardens is the perfect development which is situated at a Quee Lan Street right next to Bugis MRT Station. This proper housing development provides good human exposure as the massive crowd around this place makes the surrounding excellent. The neighborhood area of this development is equipped with buzzing human intervention and the exact place where the housing development provides serene surroundings which can help you to stress off from a long day of work.

This is the perfect place for getting all-around amenities. Everything essential for a lavish living is provided your doorstep. You don’t have to stress out for any of your needs. It takes minimal time to get groceries if you are a resident of this place. You can also avail of some of the best time with your family and friends while visiting the best restaurants around the housing development.


Availability of key facilities


There is a foremost concern for the developers to provide par level educational institutes. This concern is related to the families which are preferring to opt for the midtown residences as they look for schools around the area. Midtown garden is situated near to the Stamford Primary School as well as Singapore Management University. This location makes it very preferable by the families which comprise of kids.


Apart from the above, you can easily find out some of the best gourmet restaurants which provide top class food. These restaurants are situated in the center of Bugis which an easily accessible option for the residents.




Midtown garden is equipped with other amenities also which include shopping, amenities, culture, and offices. This development redefines residential buildings with par level facilities that are unique. The availability of different facilities in the proximity makes it way better.


Other than that, Midtown Gardens provide an environment in which you can network to others wisely. The availability of co-curricular sports arrangement makes it preferable for people. Inside the housing development, you can make full use of a swimming pool, gym, BBQ, and clubhouse. This increases the chances of having a good time.


These are some of the core attributes of Midtown Gardens. The upper hand of this housing development keeps on giving a hard time to competitors.