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Ki Residences By Hoi Hup Sunway Review

Ki Residences By Hoi Hup Sunway Review

Enjoy A Scenic Panoramic View At The Upcoming KI Residences KI Residences is an upcoming venture by Hoi Hup Sunway....

What is Avenue South Residence at Silat Avenue

What is Avenue South Residence at Silat Avenue

Avenue South Residence Singapore – What Is It? AllGreen Properties are an extremely expert developer with a rather extensive history....

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Ki Residences By Hoi Hup Sunway Review

Ki Residences By Hoi Hup Sunway Review

Enjoy A Scenic Panoramic View At The Upcoming KI Residences KI Residences is an upcoming venture by Hoi Hup Sunway. This 160 unit large development received a price of $530 million. The owner of the development anticipates sales proceedings ranging from $2.5 million to $4.4 million per unit. According to...

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Ki Residences By Hoi Hup Sunway Review

Enjoy A Scenic Panoramic View At The Upcoming KI Residences

KI Residences is an upcoming venture by Hoi Hup Sunway. This 160 unit large development received a price of $530 million. The owner of the development anticipates sales proceedings ranging from $2.5 million to $4.4 million per unit.

According to the condition, the sale will start after 80% of the owners agree to sell off their property. The order for sale is passed by Strata Tiles Board and the court. With the sale of $530 million, the rate of the land of the development amounts to $932 including the development charge of about $26 million.

The Former Brookvale Park enbloc singapore are located in a lush setting that is suitable for a luxury living. This allows developers to build an outstanding property. The upcoming property will enjoy the unobstructed view of the beautiful green surrounding. Nestled within Subset Way enclave, it is meant for residential living. The location is perfect for two storey bungalows and residential buildings.


Benefits That Residents Of KI Residences Will Enjoy

If you are in search of a development surrounded with lush green scenery then KI Residence could be one of your top choices. The setting of the area is what makes the development more special. It offers a stunning panoramic view. There is no doubt that this is a perfect spot for residential housing.

  1. Strategic location

The upcoming development is located at 2 Brookvale Walk district 21, Singapore. This area is perfect for residential living because of the beautiful greenery. The property is just a few miles away from Bukit Timah Plaza and Clementi Arcade. Residents of the place can also easily access nearby schools and restaurants.

  1. Proximity to schools

When it comes to schools, you will find many different schools around the development. This will make it easier for future residents to avail of education for their children. Having educational institutions near your house is like a dream come true for the parents. They can easily pick up and drop their kids to school without travelling far off distances

  1. Connectivity

The development is cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city but it is nicely connected to Orchard Road, Bukit Timah Road, Holland Village, pan Island Expressway and Ayeh Rajah Expressway. Being connected to all the main expressways, it will be easier for future residents to reach the city. All it will take is a few minutes’ drives from home.

  1. Shopping centers


Many shopping destinations are located nearby the residency. This allows you to easily access the shopping malls and get your necessities. Whether it be groceries or clothes, you can avail them all easily because of the close-by shopping destinations. You can access the Clement Mall and Bukit Timah Plaza in just a matter of minutes.

  1. Chill out spots

There are several chill-out places and restaurants around the area. This allows future residents to enjoy with their family any day they want. You can access Tanglin Halt Food Center, Ayeh Rajah Food Center and many others in no time.

KI Residencies floorplans is nothing less than a dream residential address. From being located at the right spot to beautiful surroundings, you can have it all.



What is Avenue South Residence at Silat Avenue

Avenue South Residence Singapore – What Is It?

AllGreen Properties are an extremely expert developer with a rather extensive history. The property has some terrific choices when it has to do with easy accessibility to educational institutions. For instance, freehold properties now are very costly and therefore leasehold properties are currently getting popular because there is a decrease capital outlay. Thus if you’re trying to buy a property to rent, there might be a fantastic chance your tenant is going to be a foreigner. If you’re a foreigner and are thinking about buying a private residential property in Singapore, there are a number of restrictions on foreign ownership.

Avenue South Residence provides you with the advantages that you have to have in a true estate property out there. Avenue South Residence will enable you to really receive a high-quality property immediately, and that is only the start of the fun nowadays too. Avenue South Residence is the new, amazing development that you’ve been seeking for a very long time too. Avenue South Residence is near some of the absolute most amazing places in Singapore, and this will permit you to take your enjoyment to a different level farther down the road. Avenue South Residence permits you to get the peace of mind that you’ve been seeking for a very long time, which is just part of the fun. This is the remarkable new development that you must see today. Since the development is also close to the business district, you will figure out how to do business or maybe to go to your office efficiently.

The residents don’t will need to stress over anything in the region and can appreciate the up to date urban lifestyle in the area. Residents of this condo will also be in a position to delight in the perspective of different properties around the area with plenty of ease. Also, they do not have to go very far to go to the southern ridge of Singapore which is a gazette green zone consisting of several parks such as Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. Future residents are going to be able to access the development via the upcoming Keppel MRT which is only a brief drive away. So be prepared to relish your lifestyle once you finally make a decision to be a resident of this awesome Residences!


Avenue South Residences Singapore for Dummies

Our objective is to help you earn money through your premises investment Build Your Wealth Through Real Estate Investing! The site plan include facilities like swimming pool and an indoor gym to facilitate a healthful and active lifestyle for those residents. There are plans of creating a community space near Avenue South Residence so you are going to have more reasons to buy a property here.

Nowadays, the business’s portfolio comes with a variety of development projects and companies through direct investments or partnerships with strategic partners. It is focused on delivering excellent and quality services in all their undertakings. Concierge services is readily available for residents also.

Complete condominium facilities will be supplied. Additionally, major built-in healthcare facilities like Ng Teng Fong General Hospital are offered in the area. Found in the outstanding Slat Avenue, Avenue South Residence is truly here in order to supply you with the peace of mind that you’re seeking for quite a long time too. The location is ideal for people that wishes to delight in a quiet and serene neighbourhood with convenient accessibility to the downtown center in the place where they work or play. It is very convenient as it is located in the mature housing estate of Serangoon Garden and there are many amenities such as shopping centres as well as schools which are located near to The Garden Residences. Some of these regions are zoned as good class bungalow places. Apart from its key area, the area is encompassed with plenty of pleasantries like shopping malls, dining and entertainment religious locations.

Avenue South Residences Singapore Secrets

The Singapore Mariners’ Club at Maritime House provides a wide variety of sporting and recreational activities to participate in, along with a classy bar and restaurant that is ideal for meeting with friends. There are lots of clubs nearby that’s ready to host such high socialite events like country clubs located around the region. The lobby bar is perfect for a relaxing drink. Every corner inside Avenue South Residencehas been efficiently made for effective layout and luxury living to fulfill your everyday needs. For this reason, you’ll have plenty of space to devote quality time with your family when you wish to down the road too. Keep in mind that Avenue South Residence has a huge dimensions, and that will enable you to breathe with all the peace which you can muster these days, and that’s what matters at the close of the day.

Reasons to purchase Treasure at Tampines

Treasure Tampines Condo sits at the former Tampines Court HUDC’s place. Purchased by famous programmer Sim Lian for $970 million ($676ppr), Treasure Tampines Singapore will appreciate a fresh 99-year rental, and be completely developed to a luxurious residential development.

Comprising of 2,203 units over an sqft of land, Tampines Treasure Condo will house an incredible 128 condominium amenities. The maintenance fee will also be giving value to the residents. There are also different facings to select, from unblocked views and swimming pool views. Treasure at Tampines Condo Singapore is expected to be the most affordable launching of 2019. Due to programmer pricing and the land that is comparatively low acquisition price, Treasure Condo is the perfect selection for homeowners, who also want to give their best. Treasure at Tampines is. It is close to Simei MRT (East-West Line), Tampines MRT (East-West & Downtown Line), and Tampines West MRT(Downtown Line). Residents can also anticipate island-wide accessibility having a new slip road that leads directly into PIE (equally towards Changi and outside City).

Sim Lian Development Group was with an outstanding track record that has made them reliable in the construction industry for over 40 years across Singapore. The company is a famous home improvement and construction firm involved in residential, retail, industrial, commercial and mixed-use improvements that are planned with quality workmanship. It’s handled by a team of experts with a wealth of expertise of more than 15 decades of operation in the business. This strength has helped them triumph in several endeavors and develop more powerful. Tampines is one of the biggest towns in Singapore, and one of the densely populated towns as well. It remains mindful of schooling housing a number of schools to accommodate all learning phases. Among the numerous factors that make Treasure at Tampines condo, an inviting place is the unbelievable number of educational institutions around.

As much as 12 schools, 9 secondary schools four schools, 1 school and also a polytechnic is within reach. Sim Lian Group, a respectable property development, and building company in Singapore are gearing up to introduce the Treasure at Tampines that will see the construction of over 2000 condos. The Treasure at Tampines (Former Tampines Court), was obtained in S$970 million, making it the bargain after the sale of Farrer Court that brought S$1.3388 billion in 2007. Based on Terence Lian who is responsible for investment earnings in a business that brokered the sale, the S$970 million costs that surpassed the first Treasure at Tampines cost (reserve) value S$952 million translates to a land rate of S$676 psf per plot ratio. The deal comprises a 99 years lease top $359 million differential and upwards premium for site intensification.

Many buses are available near Treasure along with restaurants and shopping centers in the vicinity of Marine and Siglap Parade at Tampines. It is also just mins away from malls like East Point mall, Tampines mall, Tampines one and Century Square. Together with Tampines, Simei MRT and west Tampines west is very convenient. Entertainment for your nearest and dearest and friends are at your fingertips with the conveniences as well as the full condo facilities nearby. With Tampines Regional Centre within walking distance and many shopping/dining comforts, the residents get to enjoy fun-filling diversion activities that are nearby that are numerous.

Is the avenir condo suitable for you

Things to look for in a condo


The condos demand is watching an upward trend nowadays, with many developers trying hard to meet the needs of the users. New condos are upcoming with the best amenities, benefits, and unity, and any of them do not seem to be equal. A singaporean condo named as The Avenir, is the best in everything you seek for. Some are big and features better amenities while others are a bit smaller but is great is sustaining a comfortable livelihood to people. Let’s know the various features of condos that can help people in coming forward and choosing the best among them:

Good Location:


For many people, location is known to be a cliche but is something quite crucial while buying out a residence. If you are buying the condo just for investments, then you can wish to overlook the location and go ahead with the finances. The site should be taken care of if you are living with family and is looking for a long-term period to survive here for career and relaxation. In the end, these condos should be located in an area which you love and is convenient for you too.




The condos are known to be a crucial part of significant property, meaning that there are always many units situated in a single block. This, in any way, should not compromise on your privacy. The best developers are known to be thoughtful, in creating privacy for people by sharing the soundproof walls and making intelligent layouts by ensuring every unit should enjoy an exceptional level of privacy. While looking for one of the high units, in the Avenir Singapore always try to know about various noise reduction measures are at its place or not. Where the balconies are looking out for and if every aspect is touching to privacy. This can make a lot of difference when we talk about enjoying your condo.




The Luxurious features are the ones that distinguish the condos from other housing units. The luxury units tend to appreciate faster and can keep up with the values. Hence you should know from the same that you make a sound investment through the luxurious condo. For checking the options, in the Avenir condo new launch be sure that you know about its interior features, landscaping, and other building material so always be sure of the quality.

Reliable Security:


It is known to be one of the most important and is considered to be safe while staying within or away from the property. New modern condos are said to have everything coming under the surveillance camera system to electric fences and high tech door lock systems. If it is not a gated community, you should at least have reliable security systems for your tenants. One should never look for ignoring security concerns as they have enough gravity to give you restless days and sleepless nights. The pacific mansion en bloc should allow you the peace of mind as far as security and safety concerns are there.


Modern Amenities:


The amenities in condos go beyond luxurious appliances and sitting spaces. A stylish condo can allow you to enjoy essential amenities like internet, fitness center, pools, sheltered parking, garden, and others and will make your life more convenient and comfortable. Many properties are designed in a way that they arrive with shopping areas to offer convenience to the residents, do find out what your condo is offering in terms of amenities beforehand.

Leedon Green-condominium of real times

Leedon Green-condominium of real times

Condominium these days are becoming more developed and enhanced day by day. The developers of the condos are trying to provide the best luxurious life to the people of their dreams. If you are also the one that dreams of living in the condo building and if you are looking for the best condo out there in Singapore, then here’s good news for you.

In Singapore, a brand new condo project is about to launch named Leedon Green. So, in the upcoming years, the project will get completed. However, if you want to know about what facilities they will be providing you in the flats and the vicinity of the condominium building, then stay focused on the forthcoming paragraphs.



The upcoming project of Leedon Green is located expediently in one of the poshest and upscale towns of Singapore in the 10th district. The vicinity of the site is filled with peaceful and prosperous vibes. Moreover if talk about the feasibility access to the MRT stations etc. then let me tell you that here also Green condo takes up a plus point. It is because the condo building is at a few minutes’ walks to the MRT station of Holland village and Farrer Road. Vehicle facilities are also easily accessible from the building.

Not only this but you can find other amenities near the Leedon green Singapore condo such as schools and universities, malls such as Coronation Shopping Plaza and supermarkets as well like Cold storage Holland Village.

Price Guide

Last year in October the enbloc sales were carried out. The main facts that compelled people to purchase a flat there was the nearby amenities that were available and the luxurious flats of the Leedon Green condo building. They are offering the people flats of one, two, three, four, and five-bedroom facilities. All of the rooms are made so entirely by the architects that it appears like they have liven-up the entire rooms with every corner having a finishing touch. It’s the reason that you should purchase one flat there as well for you and your family.

When it comes to the prices, then here is the VVIP price list for the bedroom units at Leedon Green.

  • One-bedroom unit- $1.2 mil
  • Two bedroom flat- $1.65 mil
  • Three bedroom flat- $2.19 mil
  • last but not least four-bedroom unit for $3.43 mil

Rest, you can see the location and the site map of the Leedon Green Condo building on their official website. What’s, even more, they are also providing you the e-brochures of the Leedon green Singapore on a special request?

Home to several Embassies

Because the particular condo building has excellent connectivity to a various set of amenities, a considerable number of embassies are nestled there in the 10th district. Some of the popular embassies situated there are High Commission of Brunei Darussalam, Department of Indonesian Embassy and the American Embassy. So, aren’t you excited for the brand new condo building, Leedon Green with green vicinity vibes? Well, you can pre-book one apartment for yourself.

All you need to know about Capitaland One Pearl Bank

The condominium pearl bank showflat

Is condo seems to be some alien thing to you?  Well, if you don’t know what condos are then you are at the right place as here, we will tell you the entire essentials you need to know about the condos. Later on, we will discuss one of the best condos that are about to launch in Singapore. The features of the complex building are enough to give Goosebumps to anyone.


What are condos?

The condo is a shortened form used for the word condominium. Many among you will be familiar with the word. It is a type of living space in most of the Canadian provinces and the USA that often looks like an entire apartment, but all the flats in the building are there for independent selling purpose. Due to the fact, it is often regarded as real estate.  There are some fantastic condo flats in one pearl bank, singapore.

The building is divided into multiple entities which are owned separately by different owners. The condominium buildings are built more high-quality way than the apartment complexes.  At the condo buildings, the building boundaries are defined in the form of ownership.


Overview of one pearl bank

One pearl bank in Singapore will be considered to be the top name on the list of tallest residential development in Singapore that will tend to touch the skyscrapers. It is located right next to the Outram Park Mass Rapid Transit station in the third district. The place on which it is standing today was formerly referred to as the pearl bank apartments enbloc and now is redeveloped by the CapitaLand to take shape in lively vicinity blending like air.

It has become the landmark of the area due to its shape and uniqueness. One pearl bank is in the shape of a horseshoe and is consisting of two main towers that are also having the same shape as the predecessors. The building will be having a height of 178 meters that will give residence to 774 one pearl bank showflat residential in its 39 storey building. The project is right now in the process of being prepared. Itis expected to be open for the people in 2023. Regardless of the duration time, the people are crazily making pre-bookings.


Types of Units available

The one pearl bank has a total of 774 units that I already mentioned above. There is a wide range of units in the condo building, such as there are one-bedroom units to four-bedroom units. After that, they have also come with the penthouse concept in their complex structure. Other options are for the studio flats.  If we talk about the most eminent units are the one and two-bedroom ones.

Some of the units of the towers were launched for the public viewing recently, and you will not be amazed to know that out of 200 units 160 already get sold. Twenty percent of the buyers were from China, Indonesia, and Malaysia; the rest 80% was accommodated by the local folks.

Talking about the one pearl bank prices for the units, and then they have quite a reasonable price range for the selling of the one pearl bank show flat. They are charging around $2400 for one square foot, and the units will be having a lease of 99 years.

The facilities that they are proving to the people are way more advanced where they have kept in mind to garnish every single corner of the units.


The one pearl bank has set a new example of modern living among the people in Singapore, giving them a pleasing living style. You can also pre-book one pearl bank showflat for yourself as well by visiting their official site.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts About Real Estate In Singapore

Singapore is a very diverse country and the world has seen it come a long way since World war II. Real estate is a big sector when it comes to Singapore and they are a lot of facts about real estate in Singapore that you probably might not have heard.

The master plan

There is a master plan that guides Singapore’s development in the medium term, which is reviewed every five years and the next review is expected in the year 2019.

The master plan

The concept

Another plan which is reviewed every ten years is the development plan, where the land use and transportation guidelines are strategically developed to help in the overall development of the city.

The idea of Master plan

In the year 1947, the idea of the master plan came into existence and due to their policies, Singapore has now become one of the most popular city to live in 2010.

The rent control act

There was a rent control act, which controlled housing shortages, but it was revoked in the year 1969 which led to homeowners redevelop their premises.

rent control act

The balcony loophole

A loophole in the GFA of Singapore, which stated that balconies were exempt from it, led to developers exploiting this loophole and build a lot of balconies to help increase their profits.

The growth of land area

Due to Singapore’s diverse range of population and economy, the land area grew to 23% to help accommodate the people living in the year 1965.

Singapore’s main aim

Singapore has set themselves the goal of building satellites in towns to help them live, work and play in or near the comfort of their homes.

There are a lot of parks

It is predicted that by 2030 at least 85% household are going to live with the 400 meters of parks which helps the environment as well as the people living.

Increase in park connector

It is predicted that by 2020, there will be a lot of parks and the park connectors will increase up to 360 km.

Vacant houses

Even the population of Singapore, there are vacant house in Singapore which directly affects the rental market. Surprisingly more than 10.38% of properties are vacant, which is one of the highest vacancy rates.

Average household size

household size

There is a shrinkage in the household since 1990; this is one of the factors that directly affect the property market as developers launch smaller houses to cater the trend and the demand of larger houses decrease and is not well received by the buyers as well.

Property prices to increase

By 2030, the property prices are expected to increase as they are financial hubs when it comes to property pricing.