Great Southern Western Australia


Established in 1964, the Yilgarnia property was developed from virgin bush into a cattle and sheep farm. During this time the Denmark region become known for its wine growing soils and climate. The Buxton family recognised the farm's viticultural potentional and diversified to form the Yilgarnia Wines and Wildflowers business. As well as cattle and sheep, the farm now produces wildflowers for export, marron and wine grapes. It also has a cellar door and function centre, and a small winery.


Yilgarnia is located 15kms from Denmark on the pristine South Coast of Western Australia. The vineyard is only 4.5km from Wilson Inlet, hence has a true maritime climate. This means that during the growing season, temperature variation is only about 10 degrees celcius. This allows the fruit to ripen slowly and uniformly, which makes for delicate, aromatic and fruit driven wines.

The vineyard is planted on a North-facing gentle slope, and only 40m above sea level. The soil types are laterite gravel over clay at 600mm.