Cosham Wines


Perth Hills Western Australia


Cosham Wines is a small family-owned and operated vineyard situated in Carmel , in the Perth Hills.
The vineyard is located in a protected valley, at the southern end of the Bickley Valley.

Vines grow in gravelly loam, with some clay, but overall in a well drained soil with good rainfall. There are plentiful chilling days in winter and a good ripening period in the summer. The vines at Cosham are pruned and trained by hand and managed without insecticides, chemical fertilisers or any synthetic pesticide.


The vines are planted on an east-facing and well-drained slope in a small protected valley in the Darling Range in the South West of Western Australia. The valley provides a unique micro-climate that is well-suited to grapes.

At the top of the valley, jarrah and marri forest edges the western end of the vineyard.

The soil is a mix of gravel and loam with a bit of clay. Rainfall is between 800 and 1200 mms per annum, most of which falls in winter, between June and August.

The altitude of the vine