Chatsfield Wines


Great Southern Western Australia


One of the pioneering vineyards in the Great Southern, Chatsfield was first established in 1976 and continues to make exceptional wines.The 200 acre property,with 50 acres of vines lies to the west of the ancient Porongorup Ranges with plantings of Riesling. Gewurztraminer, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz vines.
Our name was taken from the lively Chat birds found in the vineyard.
We are a family run, single estate producer and our tradition is boutique, individual, "hand crafted" premium quality wines.
Our wine is made by two experienced cool climate winemakers Mike Garland and Andrew Hoadley. They use traditional "old world" winemaking techniques enhanced by the latest technology and innovation. Their philosophy is " it is always about balance and structure-something that can only be truly achieved from cool climate viticulture." They focus on small batch processing and make elegant, stylish wines, aiming at precision and elegance rather than power.


The Chatsfield vineyard lies in the western shadow of the PorongoruRanges. The continental climate of Mount Barker, with moderate to cool temperatures and a winter dominant rainfall is renowned for producing premium quality cool climate grapes.
The gently undulating topography, gravel loam soils and continental climate combine to create a unique ‘meso’ climate for the Chatsfield vineyard. 
Established over 5 separate blocks within the property the vines lie on the North and North Eastern slopes. The soil types range from gravely loams on the crest of each hill to loamy, gravel sands on the lower areas. 
Although the vineyard has a large water reserve with 4 dams on the property and an extensive drip irrigation system, we have not needed to utilize this for some years and the vines are now essentially ‘dry grown’. 
Pruning commences in June and continues through July until mid August. 
 Mulching between the vine rows provides high organic material which fertilizes the vines.
Chatsfield follows a minimalist spray programme to control moulds and fungus. Our long term aim is to have an ‘organic’ management with minimal use
of chemical sprays.
As part of our ‘green’ management programme , sheep and cows are grazed to control weeds and guinea fowl roam freely helping to maintain the insect control within the vineyard. Our mature vines have developed extensive root systems, are in good balance and are dry grown. Mainly hand picking and some machine picking is used and we aim for the best option to preserve flavour and berry composition.
This maturity and vinyard management gives outstanding quality, rich flavours and distinctly regional characteristics to our wines.